jaguar mosaicTo make the most of this year for our students, the PTSA seeks to work with parents, teachers, administrators and other members of the Silver Spring International Middle School (SSI) community. Through your contributions and volunteer hours, the PTSA can make a difference in many ways.

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Here is the link to all the resources purchased for the Media Center website:
Usernames and passwords for all the online resources are on page 9 of the student planner.

Also, on Edline, there is a link under Contents (on the right) that says Media Center. There is a document there with all the usernames and passwords.

Feel free to email Lisa Hack (Lisa_R_Hack@mcpsmd.org) if you have any questions.

Support your children and the dedicated staff that teach them by becoming a member of the PTSA. Everyone is welcome, and your dues and donations provide a substantial portion of the PTSA budget. Even if you can’t volunteer for classroom or fundraising activities, you can support SSI by simply becoming a member. The more active you are in your child’s education, the more successful they will be. Everyone can participate at any level, from becoming a PTSA member to volunteering in the school, from attending meetings to providing leadership. Our membership form is available here.